SolSuite Solitaire

SolSuite Solitaire Version 19.3 Free trial

Play several different varieties of your favorite solitaire game and never get bored of it

If you are very fond of solitaire games and are on the lookout for something which is new and refreshing, the SolSuite Solitaire would fit the bill perfectly. This program is not just a single game but a huge collection of games numbering 584. That is more than enough to keep you occupied for several hours at a stretch.
The cards used in the game can be customized in accordance with the user’s taste and there is also the option of using animated cards with provide a unique gameplay experience. Some of the other aspects of the game that can be customized include the likes of card backs, game background and sounds. For those who suffer from visual impairments or have trouble seeing small font sizes, they can select large card sizes which are supported by SolSuite Solitaire. This is a very thoughtful idea by the developers. All the popular types of solitaire such as Spider, Forty thieves, Golf and Canfield are present in the program and so are many new types which you may not have come across previously. There is also the option of creating a whole new card design from scratch which users will love as they can play with their personally designed cards. Plenty of new themes are available to users and they can choose their favorite theme to be a part of the gameplay. SolSuite Solitaire is very addictive and users will definitely have a hard time putting it down once they start playing.
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